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Cost of production surveys

Scroll through the surveys to find information on the costs associated with milk production in Canada.  Studies are published yearly.

Process for the annual cost of production survey and pricing milk at the farm level

Presents an overview of the annual Cost of Production survey, outlining how the survey is conducted, and how the results impact the annual price adjustments.

Annual public meetings

Find the presentations featured at the Canadian Dairy Commission's annual public meetings.

Canadian Dairy Commission code of ethics

Read the Commission's code of ethics and service standards.

Canadian Dairy Commission: A 40-year Retrospective

Discover the Commission's history and the role it has played within Canada's dairy industry since the Commission's foundation in 1967.

Experts' Forum

An online magazine that features articles contributed by members of the dairy ingredients community.  

Market Updates

Consult these monthly bulletins on the state of the market.