Looking for dairy ingredient suppliers? Need information on dairy ingredients? Have questions regarding the laws and regulations that govern the dairy industry? The Resources section can direct you to all of that information.

Resources and information

Dairy Organizations and Associations

Descriptions and links to various dairy organizations and associations across Canada.

Food Technology Centres

Links to Canadian food science and technology institutions that play a crucial role in providing expertise in support of the CDC Matching Investment Fund.


A resource library that provides information on dairy ingredients and dairy profiles, as well as providing links to CFIA registered establishments and answering a list of commonly asked questions about dairy.

Laws and Regulations

This page provides summaries and links to various acts and regulations that standardize and guide the dairy ingredients sector.

Other Support Programs

This section provides summary information on dozens of services provided by the Canadian Government and private organizations in areas like agriculture, consulting and financing.

Useful Links

Link to the Canadian Dairy Information Centre where you can find up-to-date statistics and market information on the Canadian dairy industry.