Programs Supporting Innovation and Investment

The Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) is committed to promoting growth and innovation in the manufacture and use of dairy products and components.

Federal funding initiatives administered by the Canadian Dairy Commission

Dairy Innovation and Investment Fund (DIIF)

The Dairy Innovation and Investment Fund is designed to help the sector modernize, replace, and increase solids non-fat processing capacity and minimize non marketed skim milk. Support will also target innovative investments that increase the value of solids non-fat.
The CDC administers the DIIF on behalf of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Innovation programs administered by the Canadian Dairy Commission

As part of its dairy marketing initiatives, the CDC offers important programs which provide support to both dairy product manufacturers and food processors.

The Matching Investment Fund (MIF)

The Matching Investment Fund is designed to help eligible companies and Food Technology Centres (FTC) with product development initiatives that help stimulate demand for Canadian dairy products and ingredients.

Dairy Innovation Program (DIP)

The Dairy Innovation Program was created to provide access to additional milk volume and encourage product development to help grow the market for Canadian milk and milk products.

Programs offered by the industry

The Eastern Milk Pool and Western Milk Pool administer milk classes 1(c) and 4(c) which are designed to promote innovation in dairy products. Each pool offers temporary cost sharing, phased out over three years, for innovative products. Prices for milk are billed to processors according to the milk class for the finished product.

The objective of the 1c/4c program in the P5 and WMP is to increase the demand for dairy products by providing cost sharing to processors that are seeking to develop new market opportunities. Licensed processors in Canada using domestically produced milk and/or ingredients who are producing a new/innovative product may be eligible to the 1c/4c programs. New/innovative products are those that are not already manufactured in Canada and result in a net increase in the demand for milk in Canada. This may include factors such as new product composition, end-use applications, and flavouring.

For more information, please contact your provincial milk marketing board.