Class 4(m) for animal feed

Class 4(m) permit program for animal feed

Products in class 4(m) are used to make animal feed such as milk replacer for farm animals. This class is administered using permits issued by the Commission.

The price of solids non-fat in this class is updated monthly and posted on the Component Pricing page of this website. The price of the butterfat in class 4(m) is the same as the price of butterfat in class 4(a).

The Class 4(m) permit program for animal feed encourages the use of solids non-fat (SNF) in specific activities with the objective of maintaining or growing markets for SNF.

A company registered in Canada and using solids non-fat (SNF) type products in the manufacture of animal feed products and blends destined to animal feed may be eligible to a 4(m) permit.

The eligible categories of end-use of the SMP or animal feed blend purchased in 4(m) are:

Skim milk powder purchased in 4(m) for direct feeding to farm animals, or for blending and repackaging into an animal feed blend for farm animals.
Animal feed blend purchased in 4(m), to be sold as is, for animal feed for farm animals.
Liquid buttermilk (evaporated or not), for direct feeding to farm animals.

The Class 4(m) permit program for animal feed limit is CURRENTLY up to 20,000 MT of SMP equivalent per dairy year.

If you have any questions on the milk Class 4(m) Permit Program or would like to apply for a permit, you may contact the Canadian Dairy Commission.