Mission, Mandate and Values

Our Vision

Provide leadership to enhance the vitality of Canada's dairy industry for the benefit of Canadians.

Our Mandate

Fair Compensation

Provide efficient producers of milk and cream with the opportunity to obtain a fair return for their labour and investment.

Efficient Supply

Provide consumers of dairy products with a continuous and adequate supply of dairy products of high quality.

Purpose, Mandate and Role - Canadian Dairy Commission Act


The Canadian Dairy Commission is a Crown corporation that reports to Parliament through the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food.  The Commission is a key facilitator for the country's dairy industry and serves the following functions:

  • Purchase, sell and dispose of dairy products;
  • Make payments for the benefit of milk and cream producers;
  • Conduct investigations relating to the production, processing or marketing of dairy products;
  • Administer milk classes in conjunction with the provinces;
  • Manage the national market revenue pooling system on behalf of the dairy sector;
  • Promote the use of dairy ingredients.

Mandate and Role

The CDC's mandate is drawn from the Canadian Dairy Commission Act.  To carry out its mandate, the Commission plays seven roles :

  • Support for the dairy industry by chairing the Canadian Milk Supply Management Committee;
  • Administrator, by managing revenue pooling and market sharing;
  • Market analyst, by calculating the national dairy production target and setting support prices for butter and skim milk powder;
  • Import and export manager, including the purchase, storage, processing and sale of dairy products in domestic and international markets;
  • Regulator, by administering programs for the benefit of Canada's dairy industry;
  • Auditor, by conducting external and internal audits of programs;
  • Leader, by guiding and defining best practices in Canada's dairy sector.

The Commission strives to balance and serve the interests of all dairy industry representatives : producers, processors, further processors, exporters, consumers and all levels of government.


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