Disclosure of position reclassifications

On February 25, 2004, the government announced that it would henceforth be mandatory to disclose information about reclassification of staffed positions in the Public Service of Canada.

This webpage provides information on reclassification of staffed positions, by department and agency, on a quarterly basis.

The rules and principles governing reclassification of staffed positions are set out in the Directive on reclassification. These guidelines govern the exercise by general administrators of their powers delegated for purposes of reclassifying existing positions. Here are a few reasons why the duties of a position may change and result in reclassification of the position:

  • Changes made to a department or program’s terms of reference;
  • A reorganization carried out by management to respond to an external situation that effectively increases or reduces the availability of resources;
  • A reorganization carried out by management to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its financial and human resources, such as technological innovations or changes in employee skills;
  • Reassignment of the work, by management, among existing human resources to raise productivity, for example, to respond to the existence of positions to be filled that require a temporary or permanent reassignment;
  • The outcome of a classification grievance.

Reclassification of staffed positions in the Public Service of Canada remains an important and necessary option for operational management. However, when contemplating changes in duties likely to result in reclassification, management must strive to ensure that public funds are used appropriately, effectively and efficiently. The costs linked to an upward reclassification must be known, transparent and consistent with the responsibility for classification decisions.

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Earlier reports are available on request. To view older reports, please email cdc-ccl@cdc-ccl.gc.ca.