Everything you need to know about the Canadian dairy industry

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The Canadian dairy industry at a glance

About the Canadian Dairy Commission

Find out what drives the Canadian Dairy Commission to provide leadership to enhance the vitality of Canada's dairy industry for the benefit of Canadians.

Fact sheets about the Canadian Dairy Commission and the Canadian dairy industry

These fact sheets provide you with everything you have always wanted to know about the Canadian Dairy Commission and the Canadian dairy industry.

Supply management and the dairy industry

Any industry, from car manufacturing to shoe factories, tries to establish the best possible balance between supply and demand. 

Dairy processing in Canada

The dairy products that we consume are made from milk and other ingredients. Dairy processing is the processes through which milk is processed into cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream, and other dairy products.

Harmonized milk classification system

The Harmonized Milk Classification System (HMCS) defines under which class milk components used in the manufacture of a finished dairy product must be declared.