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The Canadian Dairy Commission offers a framework for managing Canada’s dairy industry, a shared federal and provincial responsibility. It serves as a facilitator and intervener in forums that influence Canada’s dairy policy. The Commission administers the dairy production control mechanism to avoid production shortages or surpluses. It also has the mandate to provide a fair return to efficient producers of milk.

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Supply management and the dairy industry

In the dairy sector, the balance between supply and demand presupposes a balance between the production of all dairy farms and domestic consumption of dairy products. National farm production is controlled by means of quotas.

National milk production target for Canada

The Total Quota is the national milk production target for Canada. On behalf of the industry, the Canadian Dairy Commission calculates the Total Quota on a monthly basis, according to a  method set by the Canadian Milk Supply Management Committee.

Harmonized milk classification system

 In Canada, milk is sold to processors according to a harmonized milk classification system. The price of milk sold to processors  varies according to its end use.

Milk pooling agreements

The pooling of revenues from milk sales enables producers to receive an average price per hectolitre or per kilogram of components, based on total sales.

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The Commission provides a framework for managing Canada’s dairy industry, a shared federal and provincial responsibility. It serves as a facilitator and intervener in  forums that influence Canada’s dairy policy, and coordinates  federal and provincial dairy policies.

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The Canadian Dairy Commission offers this online Orientation Session to anyone with an interest in the workings of the Canadian milk supply management system. is a comprehensive online information centre dedicated to dairy product manufacturers, distributors, and food processors.